Today, this blog post is not about a DirectSmile feature, but an InDesign option. Nevertheless, it is helpful for you if you create DirectSmile documents with InDesign. As far as I know, this feature is really old, but I found out about it just recently. In case you also did not know it before, you will love it!

If you have a document with more than one layer, copy all elements of a page and paste it into a new document, all elements will be placed on Layer 1. So you would have to create new layers manually and move all elements to the corresponding layers. You can save a lot of time (and nerves) if you simply enable the option, that InDesign remembers the layers.

Step by step

The following image shows a document with two layers.

Before you start to copy and paste both elements to a new document, open the layer panel menu.

Enable the option Paste Remembers Layers (if I would have known before that this is soooooo easy….)

Now select all elements and copy them.

Go to the new document and paste in place. By the way I love using keyboard shortcuts, but as they are hard to show in a screenshot, I prefer the context menu for you ;-)

As you can see, both layers were created automatically and the elements were placed on the different layers.

Best regards!
Lba :-)