A “favicon” is the webpage related small image you can see in the browser tab. The name favicon is a mixture of the words “favourite” and “icon”:


It’s a very small image file (16 x 16 pixel) with the extension “.ico”:

Since version 5 of DirectSmile Cross Media you can simply upload a favicon to the campaign images and after “Save all” it will be the favicon on all campaign pages:

Of course you can use individual favicons for different campaigns! That way you can customise each campaign even more according to your customers’ designs.

If you like you can use one special favicon for your Cross Media Server which will appear in your Cross Media Designer itself and in all campaigns where there is no extra favicon in the campaign images. Therefore you need access to your Cross Media server to copy and paste the favicon.ico into the folder
“\inetpub\wwwroot”. As soon as the file is in that folder, it will be used as favicon:


Favicons can be created in various software programs, e.g. with a plugin for Adobe Photoshop or if you simply look up the internet for favicon generators. I found this webpage where you can easily generate favicons by yourself and download the file: http://www.favicon.cc/


It is very easy to handle, I especially like the on-the-fly preview, not only in the “Preview” area but also in the browser tab itself. And after you’re done you can download your favicon (and upload it to your Cross Media campaign).

More interesting features of this webpage: upload your own image – it will be rasterised and might not look good at the first sight but in original size in the browser tab it looks quite good:

You can even create small animations:
1. open the “Use animation” menu
2. click “Append new frame”
3. click “Copy previous frame” and change the design

Just try it, it makes fun and you can quickly achieve nice results!