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Welcome to my blog. I worked for DirectSmile (EFI) from 2007 until 2017 and I would like you to benefit from my knowledge about Cross Media, personalised InDesign documents and DirectSmile Set creation. This blog is in English because people from all over the world read it. The top ten countries (most visitors) are: USA, Germany, UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, India, Canada and Australia. I would like to ask you to excuse any English mistakes, due to the fact that I am not a native speaker. Enjoy reading and feel free to share!

This blog is used to show tips and tricks, which might include information that I did not invent, but found on other webpages. All screenshots are made by myself, unless otherwise stated.

Since I stopped working for EFI DirectSmile, unfortunately this blog won’t be updated any longer. Have a nice day!